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Logo Comments

by: PsiCop

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Just two quick comments about the new logo.

First, I do like the appearance of Rock Cowles' light bulb logo, but the big letter "A" used within it looks very much like the "Atheist Alliance" logo (see e.g. New Atheist Symbol). Aside from the atheism/agnosticism difference, I'm not sure including that it's even legally permissible for you to use that "A" (assuming it's trademarked), much less a good idea.

Perhaps a big question mark instead?

Second, not that I think it's superior, or even worth using, just something to (maybe) help brainstorm this a little, there's an "agnostic" graphic I cooked up a little while ago which is a visual play on the word "agnostic" itself. Have a look at I don't know image.