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A Miscellany 288
Comments from recent applications

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People do occasionally take time to provide additional comments when submitting applications for membership or ordination. Sometimes it is simple praise, sometimes a short testimony, sometimes even criticism.

This is a selection from applications submitted in the past couple of weeks.

GC: Wife calls me a dork for spending so much time on your website, but it very closely reflects my beliefs. Thank you for your time in maintaining this site.

KR: I was afflicted with Christianity as a child, but I got better.

Raised in a Baptist home in the Bible belt, I was told that I must accept Jesus as my lord and saviour or burn in hell for eternity. I was also told a fat man in a red suite would bring toys every year if I was good. I took both very seriously.

When I questioned the adults about the plausibility of Santa, they admitted it was a lie. When my skepticism extended some years later to the Bible as the word of God... well, I think you can guess how that went. Anyway, at 41 years of age I now have 2 adult children whom I have raised to be skeptics as well.

I look forward to being a member of your esteemed congregation.

SPP: (WCA application) I am Agnostic and would like to be ordained such.

I have some detachment from the utcaa articles, especially in relation to apathy. If I can not prove or disprove somethings existence then I cannot say it is indifferent if it does exist. Life is not proven(scientifically) but theorized. Even if life was to be proven within our universe there still would exist the unknown beyond our universe.

I am not searching for a higher power. If I did then I would eventually convince myself I had found it(current religion). On the other hand, I am not closed-minded to accepting a higher power if I were given a strong reason to believe( even if it was unscientific).

My belief is that many people need the structure of belief in a higher power to do what is right. I believe that I must do what is right because it is the right thing to do.

JH: Thank you for all of your fine work!

TR: I believe I have found the Church I was meant to be a member of.