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A Miscellany 287
The week's news in religious bigotry and stupidity

by: JT

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Supposedly a Jew should not be speaker of the Texas legislature... because he is not a Christian conservative.

Texas GOP Leader Not Sure Jew Can
Really Be a Good House Speaker

The Governor of Kentucky has promised that state taxes will subsidise a new Answers in Genesis theme park dealing with the mythical (that's my word, not one the promoters of the park would use) Noah's Ark...

Beshear announces creationism theme park
to open in 2014, with $250 million impact

... but in an apparent sop to those who know the park is promoting nonsense, he announced the park will not be allowed to discriminate based on religion. (You can't make this stuff up)

Beshear says Ark park contract
will prohibit religious discrimination

Meanwhile, at the national level, some members of Congress apparently have nothing better to do than to count how many times the President mentions God, and to criticize him for not doing it often enough.

Bachmann, Kline:
Obama’s not saying ‘God’ enough

On the judicial front, a father's agnosticism was apparently a factor in a judge's decision to deny him joint custody of his children.

Agnostic man claims religious bias cost him custody

And those wonderful followers of the god who hates everyone have announced their intention to picket the funeral of a woman who lost a brave fight against cancer.

Westboro church to picket at Edwards' funeral


Double Face Palm