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A Miscellany 267
The will of God?

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I'm not a fan of soccer (or football for anyone not in North America) so it is not surprising that I have made it through this year's World Cup without seeing a single match. And I have no plans to watch the final over the weekend.

But my attention was briefly grabbed when on the eve of a quarter-final match with Germany, the Argentine coach, Diego Maradona, proclaimed God was on the side of Argentina. Argentina winning the 2010 World Cup was God's will; according to Maradona, anyway.

While Maradona as a player previously credited his blatant cheating in a long ago match against England to "the Hand of God," this time his supposed knowledge of God's will was quite misplaced.

I found it extremely gratifying that Argentina was blown out by Germany by a score of 4-0. And God had nothing to do with it.