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A Miscellany 230
I'd like a Doctorate in Apathetic Agnosticism

by: George Glasser

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I first came on to Wikipedia where I found the whole issue of agnosticism to be confusing and somewhat intellectually convoluted. How can an atheist be an agnostic?

After I saw the different types of Agnosticism, I was even more confused.

Then I saw Apathetic Agnosticism, but there was no citation, and I figured that was what I wanted to be. Then I found your church and found the light of equivocation shining brightly. It was like a revelation to realise that I fit into that equivocal category of sublime equivocation at the fundamentalists level.

I have applied to be a minster of the faith of the apathetic unfaith hoping to take the word of equivocation and somewhat belief and disbelief to a evangelical level in my book.

I am looking forward to receiving my ordination and promise faithfully to preach the word of theistic apathy to the world with a evangelical fervor unless the Rapture comes before I get my book published.

If you should be so gracious as to bestow ordination upon me, I was wondering if I could use the title of Doctor of Apathetic Agnosticism to make myself sound more important?

Best regards

George Glasser