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A Miscellany 214
IUN Research Project Competition

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For several years, we have had three research projects featured on the International University of Nescience website. We think it is time the University added to its research workload.

Also, we have continuing requests for additional degrees being submitted. As a matter of policy (and unwillingness to take on the additional effort) we have rejected such requests.

We are now prepared to issue additional degrees to those who submit publishable research proposals to the University:

(This will be the first time in its history that the University has issued advanced degrees in Adequacy. These documents will be rarities.)

Proposals should relate (in some manner, not overly far-fetched) to agnosticism, skepticism, or questioning of a religious belief. The existing projects will provide a guide of what should be covered in your proposal.

Judgment will be based on originality and on readiness for publication. (The less editing required for spelling, grammar and format corresponding to the current projects, the higher the readiness score.) The decision of the judge is final.

Submit your proposal either by the contact form - or in the case of a nicely formatted proposal complete with pictures, send your proposal to research at nescience dot org . (If you warrant a an advanced degree in Adequacy, you can figure that out.)


  1. In their submissions, UCTAA members and clergy may request their degree be issued in a different discipline, and the request may be granted... or maybe not.