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A Miscellany 202
Obama includes nonbelievers

by: Tweedy

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People need some unsettling.  

Obama's Nonbeliever Nod Unsettles Some

Good news in the poll results with this article -- 12% of respondants said they don't believe in a higher power (it didn't ask about lower powers but that would be some worthwhile research).  I can't help but wonder if exponents believe in higher powers. Also, in a concurrent poll in the same article, 73% said Obama's remarks on the issue did not bother them. That indicates that most of the believers who responded were OK with the inclusion of non-believers.

Did anyone notice that Obama's second swearing in wasn't on a bible and didn't tack on the tacky "so help me god"?   -- call me deluded but I have convinced myself that this was another silent shout-out to atheists by way of a prescient president precedent.