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A Miscellany 168
Jesus (Pronounced Hay-Soos)

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Most comic strips become a little repetitive and predictable after a while. For the good ones, this is part of their charm. We feel comfortable with them. Sometimes they manage to strike out in a new direction, and if we are lucky, we are reminded why we liked the strip in the first place.

About a week ago, Dilbert introduced a new character, "Jesus (pronounced Hay-Soos)" and with it, a little religious mockery and some new life in the strip. I suspect from today's issue that Jesus is on his way out - I think the strip would be dropped by too many papers if the anti-religious theme continued. But, you can find the Jesus series starting with this issue.


If you've never read Dilbert before, you may want to click on the The Characters button, and page through to get an idea of the personalities of the recurring characters.

*(Unfortunately, this link will eventually not work - after a period of time, older strips are archived to the paid subscription section of the site.)