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A Miscellany 110
Why do people believe?

by Average Joe

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Why do people believe in stupid things like religion?

If you believe in and worship a grand creator, don't you ever wonder who/what created that creator?

Atoms are the building blocks of everything in the entire universe,including the atoms themselves. So it seems to me people worship building materials,perhaps we should all worship and pray to lumber. It makes about as much sense to me.

Superstition like that is obtuse. I think the time when the kind of mind control and social engineering religion provides has run its course, it has done enough damage.

Just two words: "HOLY WAR". What an oxymoron! People should be ashamed of themselves for the things done in the name of god.

If you want a child to behave him / herself like a big kid you have to give them respect and treat them like a big kid. I think its time we treated man kind like a big kid and stop manipulating him.