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A Miscellany 87
Society of Evangelical Agnosticism& other recommendations

by Ed Babinski

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You should google up "The Society of Evangelical Agnostics" sometime. (Keep the quotations marks for an exact match in the google search engine, unfortunately there's only 22 hits.) Or try googling, "Evangelical Agnostic"

Also, the Secular Web has a good article on Evangelical Agnosticism.

The founder of S.E.A. back in the 1970s was someone with whom I had some correspondence. Their symbol, of which I still have two tie tacks that display it, was a round circle and a horizontal wavy line in the middle that reached from one inner side of the circle to the other (like a sine wave on an oscilloscope). It was designed to look like a port hole in a ship through which you could see the ocean waves, because, as other people say, "agnostics are all at sea," and the organization's initials were "S.E.A." Ha! It looks like a version of the yin and yang symbol, but the waves of the horizontal line in the S.E.A. symbol don't dip far above or below the horizontal center of the symbol.

I suppose you've also checked out Discordianism, The Church of the SubGenius, and the works and online writings of Robert Anton Wilson, and, Raymond Smullyan, and, Clifford Pickering, and the latter's online "Reality Carnival," not to mention Martin Gardner's book, The Whys of a Philosophical Scrivener?