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Apathetic & Agnostic

from Richard

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Hi, Charles and welcome to the site! I hope you'll post more to try to address the errors you say you've found. However, the one you posted about has been posted time and time again. Here's the answer, again:

We are apathetic about the same thing we are agnostic about. Nothing more, nothing less. Personally, I may not care if there's a god or not, but that doesn't mean I don't find religion fascinating (or hilarious, occasionally). There have been dozens of posts like yours. All claiming the same thing, that we're apathetic agnostics, so we should be apathetic about everything. Morality doesn't (need to) come from any god or religion. Same thing goes for ethics. I'm definitely not apathetic about those. Without them, society would collapse. We may not care about the existence of (a) god(s), but we care about quite a lot of other things.