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A Miscellany 45
Some Questions

by Ron Tipton

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I have just read through many of the feed back letters and have some questions.

Why is it only Christians are commenting? Surely people of other faiths view this website.

Why is it that Christians see their religion to be the one and only true religion? There are many religions in the world that have been practiced longer than the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths. But they all can't be right.

How do you know which religion of all the religions is correct? Is it because the Torah, Bible, or Koran says so? Those are not the only religious books.

Why is God the only god when in his book (Bible) he recognizes other gods? He says that thou shalt not worship any other gods except for me.

People also write that they have seen God and felt God for themselves but can never explain it. Why is that? If they saw a car wreck they could explain it. Why couldn't they explain something that is so much more important to them? You would be able to tell what color the cars were, how about what color God's hair was or was he bald?

Why is that Christians go out to recruit new members and other religions wait to be sought after?

Why can't God be like us? We were made in his image. So therefore he should be pretty much like us, he has a face, he is human like and could possibly be flawed in some way.

When Adam and Eve where booted out of the garden and they had sons, and their sons had sons, where did all these other people that they had sons by come from? There is no answer in the Bible about where these people came from. We are just supposed to have faith that they came from somewhere to bear children.

I doubt that there will any real answers to the questions above but I am eager to hear some of the attempts.