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Re: Spawn of Satin

from JT

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Thank you for your message. Over the past few days, it has been posted in a couple of discussion groups and has been the source of considerable merriment. It has brought joy to so many. However, no-one has suggested your message might be a hoax. Nevertheless, that is my opinion. Perhaps I am wrong.

Let us suppose that your message was sent in all seriousness. Then, it is a failure. Threats of hellfire and damnation can only work on those who actually believe in hellfire and damnation. Without that belief, your words, even if they were better phrased, mean absolutely nothing to the recipient.

Your message itself, with all its spelling errors, grammatical errors, and logical errors suggests that you do not think what you are communicating is important. It is not worth your effort to even try to do it right. I wonder why you bothered at all.

If you want to convince an agnostic, then you are going to have to present your argument intelligently and logically. Grammar and spelling are two tools in achieving this, but are not sufficient in themselves. You need sound and rigourous argument backed up with verifiable facts. You need to understand the position you are promoting. I don't think you do understand.

If you intended the message as a joke, then well done! A lot of people got a good laugh out of it. But if you were serious, then we all still got a good laugh. However, your god, if he exists, might be quite embarrassed, but perhaps laughing along with us.