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A Miscellany 9

from Michael Krause

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All I have to say is kudos to a great website.

All my life I have attended Catholic Schools, and it truly is amazing how much garbage they can feed you.  The propaganda stream has been continuous since third grade and the more I hear of it, the sicker of it I become.

It's absolutely absurd how some people try to "prove" the existence of God by using "witty" metaphors and abstract theories that don't make any sense what-so-ever. For example, one of my high school theology teachers tried using Aquinas' proof of God; The "Clockmaker Theory." He compared the universe to a watch, saying that something so complex doesn't just fall together. Thus, as the watch has a maker, so does the universe, God. Ha! People believe that something had to create the universe, pre-exist it, and that being is God. Why is it sensible to believe that some Super Being had to create everything, yet so absurd to believe that the universe has always existed? It is possible that a Super Being does exist and did create the universe, But creation can be explained through scientific theories such as the Big Bang, and evolution, which to me seem much more logical, and "believable". Furthermore the fact that the universe is so large, and that it is very possible that other life forms of our intelligence may exist, seems to me to disprove the bible, which only (in extravagant fashion) describes the creation of OUR world, which was at the time believed to be the center of the universe.

I believe that religion has evolved from something that was used to describe the unknown (sacrifices were made when the moon was red, to satisfy it), and became more complex as humans evolved and gained more knowledge. Thus the evolution from polytheism, to monotheism.