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Discussion 3 to Meditation 1400

by: Manny

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My deepest thanks for the work you have done all these years, rather like "the voice of one crying in the wilderness" though it may have seemed at times. The site has brought me inspiration and ammunition in my ongoing encounters with the biblically deluded.

I'll still drop in an odd contribution* now and again.




* Manny has been contributing to various areas of the site occasionally for over half its existence, and I greatly appreciate his efforts. Here's a sampling of the articles he has given us:

Meditation 677: No sense in arguing with crazy people

Meditation 778: Secular Buddhism

Meditation 1195: Roger, Wilco!

Meditation 1204: Here We Go Again - Poor, Persecuted Christians

A Miscellany 433: Televangelists, or Financial Predators

A number of others can be found by doing a site search on "Manny."


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