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Meditation 1400*
This Is The End (Almost)

by: John Tyrrell

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As I've noted before, I'm having trouble keeping this site going. New and fresh ideas are just not forthcoming. And I'm tired of repeating myself.

So I've made the decision. Come September 2016,** updates will pretty well stop. I'll be taking an extended - probably permanent break from the pressures of trying to get something ready to publish.

I'll keep the website up indefinitely. I expect to publish any guest submissions I receive. I'll continue to respond to ordination applications. I'll continue to post stuff I find interesting on our Facebook page. And maybe - once in a rare while - I'll be motivated to write some additional thoughts for the site. Maybe.

I'll be letting go of some of the urls I've accumulated. See the first discussion item for what is currently available if you are interested in setting up your own agnostic site.

It's been an interesting and challenging 22 years. But it is time to let go. Thanks to all those who have followed and supported the site for some or all of that time.



* Numbering deliberate so as to keep this article last.

** This means you can still (as of 8 July) expect three or four more updates before I pull the plug.

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