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Discussion 2 to Meditation 1363
"Crazy Christians" is quite appropriate

by: JT

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Dear Leokatz:

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

I don’t think that anywhere on the website I have stated that ALL Christians are crazy. And if you can point out an article where I have claimed this, I will probably make an appropriate correction in due course.

But in the two articles where I clearly refer to “crazy Christians”, What is it about Halloween that makes some Christians crazy? and Crazy Christians Make News, I am referring specifically to a few named individuals who are using their Christianity to promote highly questionable ideas – ideas which I suggest can indeed be characterized as crazy. By doing so, I am not calling all Christians crazy. And you should note that I conclude that second article with “Maybe I'm wrong calling these people crazy. Maybe they are just stupid. Or unbelievably arrogant. Whatever. ”

I see no reason to make any changes or apologize.

But thank you for commenting. It is so rare that I hear from agnostics who walk with any god. Perhaps that is due to the rarity of agnostics who have a deity as a walking companion.

I expect I will publish your comments whenever I get around to a website update.

Best wishes

John Tyrrell


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