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Meditation 1254
Domestic Terrorism

by: John Tyrrell

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Last week in Virginia, five men were arrested for planning to bomb synagogues and black Christian churches. The news story quickly vanished, perhaps due to the more newsworthy Paris bombings.

And yet, if this plot had not been identified by law enforcement agencies, these five domestic terrorists could have succeeded in causing far more deaths than the Paris attackers achieved.

In the lack of further information, I would have assumed these terrorists were inspired by the same Christian Identity movement that led Dylann Roof to coldly murder worshipers at Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church earlier this year. But it has since been learned that at least two of the five were associated with a white supremacist Asatru movement - worshiping the Norse gods (sometimes called by its followers, Wotanism to distinguish it from non-racist forms of Asatru).

Christian Identity and Wotanism - these are current active sources of religion-based domestic terrorism in the USA. Possibly because their targets are generally limited to Jews and Blacks, no-one makes that big a deal about these religions or their followers. I don't want to totally discount the possibility of some kind of Islamic terrorist action in the USA, but I would suggest that nearly every follower of Christian Identity or white supremacist Wotanism is a potential terrorist, and only a very small minority of our Muslim neighbors are. And the Muslims among us are more likely to respond positively to being treated with respect than are the white supremacists.


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