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Discussion 1 to Meditation 1189
Almost nothing happened.

by: John Tyrrell

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The third of the four "blood moons" occurred over the past weekend and almost nothing happened.

I say almost because something minor actually did happen. John Hagee got egg on his face.

He appeared in a Christian talk show to promote his silly blood moon book with three other panelists who presumably were there to support him and his theories.

Big mistake! One of those panelists was Hugh Ross, an astronomer. Ross was apparently part of the panel because he runs a ministry which claims science and reason support creationism. But in spite of his creationist beliefs, he has an actual understanding of astronomy, and from the start of the show indicated disagreement with Hagee. According to Ross, there is no statistical significance to these blood moons because they are very common and that Hagee is merely retroactively attaching spiritual significance to routine events.

On being asked by Hagee how it was possible for blood moons to occur on significant Jewish holidays in two consecutive years, (Hagee still remains blissfully unaware it's already happened 7 times previously in the past 2,000 years), Ross responded that it is mathematically inevitable that such coincidences would occur if one sets out to find such coincidences. And because it is bound to happen, it is not a sign from God.

Hagee is so dim-witted about astronomy that he was astounded to be informed that the so-called blood moons were visible in the USA, but not visible in Israel where his related prophecies are supposed to take place. He had not comprehended that any given eclipse would be visible to only half or less of the earth.

Essentially his attempt to stimulate more sales for his particular brand of nonsense ended up with him being publicly debunked by a fellow creationist. One major egging.


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