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Meditation 1094
Faith or Fact

A note on the text

by: JT

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This version of Henry M. Taber's Faith or Fact was prepared for the Apathetic Agnostic website based on a scanned version of the original text.

The scan was processed through an optical character recognition program to produce a first draft. That was manually proofread and (hopefully) the vast majority of OCR errors caught and corrected. But the process is not perfect.

Generally, spelling was left as in the original - there have been changes in what is accepted spelling since that time, but Taber's spelling was left largely left alone alone.

Some clearly obvious typographical errors in the original text were corrected.

The pagination of the original was dropped.

Punctuation in the original has been reformatted in the interest of readability - the practice of leaving spaces between words and most punctuation marks (other than periods and commas) has been eliminated - though the reader may notice some strays I did not pick up.

If there are any readily apparent and significant errors in the conversion of the book to thi form, I'd appreciate being advised via the CONTACT page.







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