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Meditation 1088
The Essence of Religion

A Note on this version

by: JT

This version of Ludwig Feuerbach's The Essence of Religion is based on a scan of the original book as translated by Loos. The conversion of the scan to text was largely done by computer with obvious errors corrected by manual comparison with the original.

It is possible that some errors crept in, particularly if they passed spell check and grammar check. But overall, to the best of my ability in the time constraints I gave myself, the text reflects the original translation quite accurately. If there is anything I missed, I'd appreciate being advised so I can correct it.

I did take some editorial liberties.

  1. I corrected a handful of obvious typographical errors in the original text.
  2. The division into seven parts is mine - it is not reflected in the original which is one continuous chapterless text.
  3. Endnotes in the original text were turned into footnotes so that they appear on the same page as they are referenced.
  4. The most problematic thing I did was to break up many of the original paragraphs into smaller shorter paragraphs. (This does not affect numbering of the sections.) This decision may offend purists, but I believe it makes the work more readable. Solid blocks of text stretching on for page after page (or screen after screen) are off-putting.


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