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Meditation 1060
A message from Anton

by: John Tyrrell

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Recently, I published two Meditations (1049 & 1050) on dishonesty in promoting Christianity. But when it comes to spiritual issues, it is not just promoters of a Christian vision that find it necessary to make stuff up. Earlier this week, I got an article submission for the site from an "Anton" trying for some reason to convince me of the effectiveness of the charlatan... sorry... uh "Prophet" Itoto. Why he chose this agnostic web site to do it... well I just don't know.


I'm Anton from Washington DC, United States.

I'm say a marvelous thanks to Prophet Itoto whom just rescued me out of my chronic poverty.

I was married to a pretty lady and i was working in a company called; {withheld by jt}.1 I have a little problem with the company in 2008, and i was dismissed from the company on May 20th 2009.

Ever since then, i have been dueling in an unimaginable poverty, my pretty wife divorced me for another man, thereby leaving me all alone in the suffering.

Sometime two weeks ago, i met a testimony of Prophet Itoto and his miraculous act, i contacted him via the link in the testimony.

I was asked by the prophet to perform some rituals which did't even cost me upto $300.

After one week of my rituals, i was so surprised 3 days ago when i was called by the management of {withheld by jt} and i was ask to resume work with a high promotion and with immediate effect, i was also compensated with a total sum of $1000,000 and a house with an official car on my resumption day.

Once again, thanks to Prophet Itoto, i will always bare my gratitude to you for your miraculous act.

To contact this great man, simply visit this
website: {withheld by jt}2 or send an email to {withheld by jt}

I was so impressed by this article submission about "Prophet Itoto and his miraculous act" that I replied immediately to "Anton":


I don't believe a word of this. Perhaps you can "substantiate" at least one single point by replying to me using your company email address rather than a gmail address available to any scammer.

Nevertheless, I will publish your tall tale on the Apathetic Agnostic website followed by a strong warning about dealing with charlatans and believing their phony testimonials.


John Tyrrell

Surprise! Surprise! My reply to Anton bounced. He had given me a phony email address. He clearly wasn't prepared to engage in any questioning of his invented testimonial.

However, Anton's well-written testimony (almost word for word as above) is currently featured front and centre on the charlatan.. uh sorry, I keep doing that... Prophet Itoto's website - aka Spiritual, Healing and Spell Casting Center.

It is almost certain given the originating IP address of the submission, that the submission was sent not by the non-existent Anton in Washington DC, but by a lying and incompetent charlatan in Edo State, Nigeria - not even capable of forging a credible testimonial.

And perhaps you would have thought a "Prophet" might have known how I'd handle this nonsense. But of course the Prophet Itoto is not a prophet. He's a charlatan. He's a scammer. He's a liar. And he's apparently not particularly good at any of it.


  1. It's a real company. I don't think they deserve to have their name connected with this scam. And a check of their website revealed no "Anton" on their management team.
  2. I'm not giving this fraud a link. But, if you really want to know, just do a web search on charlatan... - no better make that Prophet Itoto. But why would you?


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