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I love my ice-cream

by: John Tyrrell

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I thought I'd picked up the furthest-out of the reactions to the Supreme Court decision on DOMA. I hadn't counted on Dr. Daniel Heimbach* of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“If marriage is radically redefined as being just a way of affirming private feelings of loving attraction, than equality will require allowing people who loves dogs to marry dogs and people who love ice cream to marry ice cream.”

Bookmark this page - check back in a century. Are people now marrying their Cherry Garcia? Can you marry both vanilla and chocolate provided they are in the same cone? And have the Southeastern Baptists authorized oral sex with ice cream yet?



* According to a review on Rate My Professors, "Dr. Heimbach is a very maticulous educator who stresses the importance of living rightly (biblically) in a society that is morally bankrupt."

You can tell from that review the quality of education provided by the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.


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