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Meditation 1008
Benedict and Kirill sitting in a tree

by: John Tyrrell

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According to the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Pope Benedict XVI expressed his support for the Russian church's position on Pussy Riot at a private meeting between the two. According to Patriarch Kirill's website:

"Pope Benedict XVI expressed his solidarity with the position of the Russian Orthodox Church and his surprise with respect to the reaction of some of the media on these events."

Of course. One old authoritarian religious leader supports another old authoritarian religious leader. An authoritarian religious leader is somehow surprised* that a free press reacts unfavorably to the gross over-reaction of an authoritarian state to the offense a tiny group gave to the authoritarian religious arm of that state.

For the Russian Orthodox Church is no more than an arm of the Russian state. It was an arm of the state under the Czars. It submitted meekly to total control under the Communists. And since the downfall of the Soviet Union, it has resumed the mutual masturbation with government that it had under the Romanovs.

And that explains why Pussy Riot chose a church for their demonstration against the re-election of Putin. The Russian Orthodox Church which fully supported Putin can be legitimately viewed as just another government agency.

The Pope, by expressing his support for the Russian Orthodox Church shows exactly where his own sentiments lie. For autocracy. For a greater linkage between government and organized religion. Against free speech. Against a free press. And against democracy.

Patriarch Kirill sees the Pussy Riot demonstration as blasphemy against his church. By supporting Kirill, and thereby indirectly supporting the current dictatorial Russian leadership, Pope Benedict XVI blasphemes against humanity.



* Of course this is the same old authoritarian religious leader who was somehow surprised by the publicly expressed widely-reported anti-Semitic holocaust-denying views of a renegade bishop that he was prepared to welcome back into the fold. (See Meditation 741) Benedict XVI seems clueless about how the real world works outside his Vatican cocoon.