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Meditation 996
Another childish tantrum by some Muslims

by: JT

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Once again we see murderous mobs attacking American embassies and consulates in a several Islamic nations. The supposed cause is an incompetent film made by a fraudster which nobody would pay to see in its only public showing, but which has been promoted across the internet by a Christian preacher whose sole skill seems to be his ability to inflame Muslims, primarily through staged burnings of the Koran.

It is probable that none of the participants in the various riots had seen the film. It is probable that none of the organizers of the riots had seen anything more than the pathetic YouTube clips promoting the film. They did not have to see anything - all they had to do was put out the claim that the Americans had insulted the prophet again, and the unthinking mobs went blindly into action.

One could criticize the film's makers and the so-called Reverend Terry Jones for exercising their right to free speech - and they should have known that the outcome could be another murderous rampage.[1] But given the apparently orchestrated timing of the mobs to coincide with 9/11, if the film had not existed, the shadowy backers of the riots would have used something else to inflame their followers. Those looking for insults to Islam, to its prophet, or to its holy texts can always find something. As was demonstrated in Pakistan by the recent blasphemy case against a Christian child, Islamic rabble-rousers are not above planting evidence to stir their followers into violence against others.

Others - that's the key word here. The problem with Islamic violence is that those caught up in the mob mentality can always find an other to take it out on. More often than not, it is Muslims taking it out on other Muslims due to doctrinal differences. They have no problem with the insult to their religion, to their prophet, to their holy books when they murder each other, desecrate the shrines and mosques of another sect, destroy the tombs which another sect considers holy. The other is different, and does not have to be treated with basic human decency and respect.

It's not the religion itself that's the problem, it's the very culture in which hundreds of millions of Muslims live. Too many of them do not learn respect for the other or the other's beliefs. But they learn to demand an unreasonable amount of respect for their own beliefs. They are spoiled brats, and they act like it. And when they think they are not getting their way, it's temper tantrum time.

I will note that many Muslims in the countries in which the riots occurred, particularly in Libya, showed they were horrified and ashamed by the latest round of violence. They recognize that these events cast their religion in a bad light, far worse than any criticism given under free speech. Perhaps in the long term, they can get their co-religionists to grow up.

Free speech, no matter how objectionable, should be countered with free speech, not violence.


  1. Subsequent to writing this piece, I found that according to The Guardian: "a consultant for the film named Steve Klein said: 'We went into this knowing this was probably going to happen.'" Apparently, their aim through this silly film was to destabilize Egypt and in the US, hurt President Obama's re-election chances.
    It's not just Muslim mobs who act childishly without regard to the consequences. Right wing Christians can be just as irresponsible.