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Discussion 3 to Meditation 973
And the Apocalypse Arrives... Never!

by: JT

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Switching back to Jack D. Hook's interpretation of the coming End Times, given that he graced us with an expansion of his previously published views in Talk Back this week, we can now put a firm date on the Apocalypse. Never!

According to Hook's interesting interpretation of Revelation, midway through Daniel's 70th week:

... Jerusalem will become the world’s capitol (even America’s) towards the mid-point of this seven year period as the Antichrist President will come from Washington D.C. to stand in the newly rebuilt Jewish Temple declaring himself to be the Messiah of the nations, including Israel.

Right! The US President is going to Jerusalem, make it the world capital and declare himself the Messiah.

No, Jack. That's not going to happen. Never! No more than Ronald Weinland's forecast of his body lying in Jerusalem for a televised 3 1/2 days during WWIII before ascending into Heaven happened - a forecast incidently, based on the same chapter of Revelation as your Anti Christ President. Total nonsense in both cases.

And as that happens half way through Week 70, the end of the week will never occur. We will be Apocalypse-free.

Unfortunately, we will never be free of self-proclaimed prophets with further nonsensical predictions. And that's a forecast you can take to the bank.