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Discussion 2 to Meditation 973
Weinland Rips Off Camping's Excuse

by: JT

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I said last week that Ronald Weinland had not updated his blog, and as of 1 June, no new entry appeared when I checked. But I now see an entry dated 30 May has been published. As noted previously, prophetic time advances at a different pace than real time.

In the post dated 30 May, Weinland wrote:

May 27th has come and gone, so how can I say this is still the day of Christ’s return? The answer is a matter of God’s revelation which is spiritual in nature, but having a definite physical outcome. It is prophetic. I did not know that when I stated this was the “day” of Christ’s coming. I viewed it in a physical manner until God revealed that it was spiritual.

This is pretty much the same lame excuse that Harold Camping made when his prophecy failed last year as his God kindly delayed the end date for six months to give him another failure. The real difference with Weinland is that, having learnt from Camping, he's claimed a year's worth of wiggle room. And he too is going to be wrong again.