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Meditation 973
If the Apocalypse is based on seventy Daniel weeks...
We are still early in week one.

by: JT

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With a mere two days to go before Ronald Weinland's prediction for Christ's return on 27 May, it is fair to say his prophesy has failed. Right now, according to Weinland, China and the EU are supposed to be at war over the Middle East, and a dead Weinland's body is supposed to be lying on the ground in Jerusalem awaiting a resurrection and bodily ascension into heaven. It's not happening. It's not going to happen.

However, Weinland continues to insist on his blog entries dated 29 April and 23 May* (yes - two days ago) that all will continue to come to pass as forecast. WWIII will just be shorter than he had initially expected. In this forecast, Weinland shows that he is indeed the true successor to Herbert W. Armstrong who had multiple End Times forecast failures. Weinland continues Armstrong's tradition.

One of the bases for Weinland's forecast, and indeed for most of those Christians who see a coming apocalypse, whether using a specific date such as Weinland or Camping, or a generalized soon as per Jack D Hook in Talk Back 106, is the seventy weeks referred to in Daniel 9:24.

24 Seventy weeks are decreed upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most holy.

One thing in common with all these forecasts is that a week is not a week - just as many creationists, when talking of the seven days of creation, claim a day is not a day. Literalism goes out the window, and a Genesis day means a time period considerably longer than 24 hours, and a Daniel week means something more than seven days.

Of course, Apocalyptic prophets are able to determine, using magic numbers found in the Bible to come up with arguments for how long a Daniel week is. Once they've determined that, they can then confidently make their announcement that Jesus is going to drop in for a visit on October 11, 2011... or May 27, 2012... or very, very soon.

And they are always, without fail, wrong.

But I won't let this record of failure deter me. Let me give my prediction for an apocalypse for earth (however, Jesus has no plans to show up for the occasion) using the Daniel's seventy weeks. It's pretty simple. Each day of the week is 7 x 7 x 1000 millennia plus a Jubilee millennium for a grand total of 50 million years. Thus 70 weeks, with a starting point anytime between the beginning of recorded human history and today, takes us about 3.5 billion years into the future. By that time, the heat of the sun will have rendered the earth uninhabitable. It will all be over, except perhaps for the evolved descendants of today's cockroaches whose space program may have taken them to another solar system by then.

And if I'm wrong - well at least I'm not going to be around to be mocked for my error.



* In the event these blog entries of Weinland's disappear into Internet Valhalla after 27 May, I have taken the liberty of making a copy here.