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Lawn sign: Protected by Jesus ChristMeditation 969
Security by Jesus

by: JT

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An evangelical Christian website is promoting a $25.00 lawn sign "Protected by Jesus Christ" as "The best security system in the world." Apparently these signs are "the newest and neatest way to tell the world who you trust to keep you safe and secure."


I could write about the third commandment here (Exodus 20:7 Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.) and consider whether the seller of the sign or the buyer bears greater guilt for breaking it.[1] But instead, we'll consider this sign as a supposed security system.

Would the purchaser of this sign promptly cancel his[2] home insurance? If it is indeed the best security system in the world and Jesus is keeping the buyer safe and secure, then why waste money on insurance against theft, fire, flood, hail, and earthquakes?

If the buyer had a commercial electronic home monitoring system, would he cancel that coverage knowing Jesus was now protecting him?

Would the buyer of one of these signs promptly cancel his and his family's health insurance? After all. Jesus is supposedly keeping them safe and secure.

Could one of these signs in the purchaser's automobile convince the driver he did not need auto insurance?

Would the buyer of one of these signs decide he no longer needed a collection of handguns and rifles to protect himself against break-ins?

I'm pretty sure that almost no-one who buys one of these signs would cancel any existing coverage or make any changes to lessen their current security coverage. And if that's the case - then what protection is Jesus providing? It's illusionary protection, if not delusionary protection.

The best security system in the world? False advertising! But what else can you expect from evangelical Christians?


  1. Unless they are non-trinitarian Christians - in which case they have the Jesus is not God loophole
  2. I've used male designations throughout on the assumption women are not generally stupid enough to buy such signs.