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Discussion 2 to Meditation 947
Bryan Fischer just doesn't get it.

by: Reverend Keith Bennett

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Mr. Fischer states that god loves us enough that "in the end to give us what we insist on having"

Christopher did not "insist on having" an eternity in hell... he did not believe in hell!

Nothing in a non-believers life would indicate that he/she does not want to live in a paradise for all eternity (such as the heaven described by Christians). I am a non-believer and would love to spend eternity in heaven. I simply do not believe in it.

If there is a god, in my opinion, he has not given me (or Christopher) a choice. Think of it this way: If we assume the Christian god is real and that he created all things, including humans, then he is the one that gave humans the ability to think and learn. Christopher and I, being human, have thought and learned about religion and have decided that there is too much evidence to the contrary to believe in a god. Therefore, we do not have a choice to follow god or his word (such as the Christian bible). All we have is the information provided to us and a logical brain to decipher it. In other words, if god created humans, he created us to not believe in him (using thought and logic). That really makes no sense at all. Therefore I do not believe in god - which makes a lot more sense.

Like most religious people that I have religious discussions with, Bryan Fischer just doesn't get it.