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Prophecies decoded flyerMeditation 932
Prophecies Decoded Decoded

by: JT

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I got the flyer pictured in the mail in late September. For a brief moment I considered attending to obtain some material, or just simply to scoff. But no... I decided there's no point in wasting my time listening to nonsense - particularly an hour and a half of nonsense five days a week for a month.

You might think I was too quick to judge this as nonsense without actually checking it out. If you feel that way, then visit the website - instead of me, you can waste your time on this. The various lectures are posted shortly after they have been broadcast to Seventh Day Adventist churches around the world..

But here's what they intend to do as outlined in the notes for the first lecture:

Decoding prophecy has been a centuries long challenge for biblical scholars. Tonight, we’ll begin the internal decoding process used by the Bible itself, which will also lead to an amazing prophecy predicting who will be the superpower at the end.

There you have it - they've discovered the internal decoding process used by the Bible itself - which apparently no one else identified in that centuries long challenge.

Of course others have discovered decoding processes - Harold Camping even discovered two - both of which have proved out wrong. Just as wrong as every other decoding process discovered so far. And I have no doubt that Ron E. M. Clouzet's Biblical internal decoding process will also prove out to be wrong.

The Bible Guarantees It!

It's not that prophecies cannot be decoded. In fact there are an unlimited number of ways prophecies can be decoded. And every one of those ways leads to meaningless forecasts, empty predictions, failed promises.

Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming! Jesus is really coming this time!

And Jesus never arrives.

And that's how to decode Prophecies Decoded, it decodes to nonsense.