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Meditation 930
What do they preach? And how do they act?

by: JT

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I think we know the common Christian preachings. But here are a few:

Just consider those teachings in light of this news story out of Tennessee. Two young men went to attend Grace Fellowship Church last week. They were viciously attacked by a group of thugs (apparently church deacons) led by one of the victim's uncles, also a church deacon, and the attack was instigated by the church's pastor, father of one of the victims.

The attack was witnessed by other churchgoers, none of whom attempted to intervene or raised a voice in protest. The reason for the attack - remember it was instigated by the pastor of Grace Fellowship Church - was that the two young men are gay.

Some Grace!

Some Fellowship!

What do these Christians preach? And how do they act?*


* Breaking News: More Christians behaving badly: An Amish splinter group is attacking other Amish - forcibly cutting off men's beards and women's hair.