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Meditation 919
Deliberately wallowing in ignorance II

by: JT

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I wrote a few weeks ago about a fringe group of Catholics in Chicago who still regard the Earth as the centre of the Universe. (Meditation 911: Deliberately wallowing in ignorance.) They are not alone. The Association for Biblical Astronomy, a Ministry of the Mantua Country Baptist Church in Ohio promote a similar view on their website Geocentricity.

They assert:

Of all the sciences, the Holy Bible has more to say about astronomy than any other. The Scripture speaks of the sun, moon, stars, the host of heaven, planets, and constellations. It talks about the heavens, the firmament, and tells us that the lights in the sky were made for the earth, for man, to give light by day and by night, to serve as signs, and to determine the seasons.

Further, it is their position that:

whenever the [Bible and the science of astronomy] are at variance, it is always astronomy—that is, our "reading" of the "Book of Nature," not our reading of the Holy Bible—that is wrong.

These people deny that the Earth rotates, instead the Universe rotates around it. Interestingly, I can find no mention of the Foucault pendulum on their web site, a simple device which demonstrates the rotation of the Earth independently of astronomy. While The Association for Biblical Astronomy uses the Tychonic system to model the rotation of the Sun, planets, and stars about the Earth and claim correctly that it all works mathematically, this system cannot explain the motion of a simple pendulum over a day. It takes a recognition that the Earth rotates to explain that motion.

I will agree that their model of a stationary Earth is consistent with a literal interpretation of the Bible. What this then brings into question is why all those churches which reject evolution based on a literal reading of the same book don't also proclaim a stationary Earth at the centre of the Universe. It seems to me that the two positions are inseparable. Yet the vast majority of those who insist on creationism seem to manage to accept that the Earth rotates on its axis every 24 hours and makes a grand circuit of the sun every year.

Really, the inconsistency is quite strange.