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Meditation 916
The Exorcist

by: JT

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I came across a brief news clip about an Arizona pastor who has been training teenage girls to conduct exorcisms, and then sending them around the world to cast out demons.

Strangely, the picture of the pastor along with his trainees show in the clip reminds me of nothing so much as it does the cover art of the teenage witch film, The Craft.

That's probably not the association that Pastor Bob Larson was looking for, but that's what you get when you have an apparent fetish for surrounding yourself with schoolgirl exorcists.

Well, I had to check this guy out so I took a look at his web site. Unsurprisingly, it's all about requests for money - to support his demon fighting, exorcism ministry. He even offers you a test to determine if you have a demon inside you (and if you do, you can get it removed for a fee.) Even that online test requires a paypal payment. Sorry, Pastor Bob, but the pretend demon inside me wouldn't let me pay so I could test your test.

This has to be one of the most money-grubbing Christian websites I have ever seen. There's more than a dozen opportunities to donate on the main page alone. But I have to give Bob Larson credit - he is for a very brief time offering free exorcisms.


Pastor Bob will be shooting a pilot for a national reality show in Phoenix, AZ on August 15th thru 17th. Because the television crew will be there, Bob is making this time available without a suggested donation towards our overseas mission work.

YOUR EXORCISM WILL NOT APPEAR ON TELEVISION. It will only be seen by television executives.

This is your chance to have Pastor Bob and his team of trained exorcists work with you. Please call 303-980-1511 or email bob@boblarson.org

Yeah - it's for a proposed reality show, as if there is any reality to demons and exorcisms. In the end, it's just another way for Pastor Bob to try and get more money from the suckers.

By the way, exorcism is Pastor Bob's second incarnation. In his previous ministry he was fighting the evils of rock and roll. I guess there's more money in exorcism.