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Meditation 799
But Dr. Graham; have YOU ever asked yourself exactly why you believe in this idea?

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Last Sunday, in Billy Graham's column[1], the question was asked:

I don't believe we go to Heaven when we die. Instead I believe that we come back to Earth and live another life, and we keep coming back until we reach perfection. You're free to beleive what you want to, but this is what I believe.

And Dr. Graham began his reply with:

I don't doubt your sincerity—but have you ever asked yourself exactly why you believe in this idea (which is called reincarnation)?

And then he moved on to his "Christ is the answer" boilerplate.

Now I don't doubt Dr. Graham's sincerity, but I do wonder if he has ever asked himself why exactly he believes in this "Christ is the answer" idea (which is called Christianity.)

Whatever answer Billy Graham might come up with to justify his set of beliefs will have no more validity than the justification for believing in reincarnation.


  1. Reincarnation is not the answer to life's perfection, Billy Graham, The Calgary Sun, Sunday October 25, 2009