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Meditation 749
Does it cost a lot?

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I just happened to be browsing the Scientology Media Information website, (having found my way there by searching to find out what a "thetan" was,) and saw there was a Misconceptions About Scientology section. Obviously, I had to check it out to clear away my own personal misconceptions.[1]

One of the questions in this section was: "Does it cost a lot to be a member of the Church and take services?" There's a four paragraph answer, which I won't reproduce here because I have heard that Scientology is very protective of copyright, (perhaps just one of those "misconceptions" - except I carefully read "Why has Scientology been to court a lot of times" - that's in the Misconceptions section too), but I think I probably can safely quote the first paragraph of the reply in its entirety:


That's right. According to their website, Scientology does not cost a lot.

But to summarize some of the key points of the remainder of the answer, paragraph two suggests that you are getting invaluable immortality out of the process, paragraph three goes on to explain just how much work is involved in "auditing" members, and paragraph four gives estimates of the cost of a four year university education ($30,000 - $90,000.)

What does all that mean?

If those points are relevant to the cost of membership, then going back to the question "Does it cost a lot to be a member of the Church and take services?", I think the real answer should probably be a resounding YES! Damn right it costs a lot.

Apathetic Agnosticism remains free. Unfortunately at that price, we cannot offer immortality as part of the package.


  1. We welcome and will publish any correspondence from Scientologists who want to clear up any misconceptions about Scientology expressed anywhere on this web site.