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Discussion 1 to Meditation 724
Food for thought.

by: Pauline Davis

To add to this discussion (or any other,) please use the Contact form. This exchange of views has been continued.

I read your comments and would like to add a little more information regarding my present situation and my last ad which also ran in the Globe & Mail Sat. Sept. 20 in the national personals once again.

MESSIAH Coming to Toronto to assist The Peace Lady who called all the churches and the synagogues for 25 years with no answer. Rev.12 and Isaiah 66. details at www.thepeacelady.com

The scriptures are, Go north of the city and dwell in the field from there thou shalt go to Babylon, and be in pain and labour to bring forth like a woman in travail, and a woman in travail has great sorrow but she remembers her anguish no more when she sees she is delivered of a manchild.

Bringing forth the Messiah is certainly worth the years I have spent in the woods and there is a lot more to it than just bringing him forth.  It is written he comes for his bride. Food for thought.

Time will now tell. End.