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Meditation 680
Something out of Nothing

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It was widely reported over the past several days that the British government had released its files on UFO investigations. Of course, the vast majority of investigations found identifiable causes for the observed phenomena, however in some cases, a cause was not found. The UFO remained unidentified. That is not surprising given the transient nature of the event and the fallibility and contradictions inherent in eyewitness testimony.

In my view, the fact that some reported sightings cannot be explained upon investigation does not prove anything. It simply reflects that there was insufficient information to come to a conclusion. It says nothing about whether or not the reported UFO was a flying vehicle of extraterrestrial origin.

However, others can arrive at other conclusions. Here is a letter[1] to the editor which appeared in the 16 May 2008 National Post:

Exopolitics Toronto congratulates the National Post for covering the recent release of the UFO files by the British government. While it is a momentous occasion when a national newspaper brings the news of the UFO/ET reality to Canadians, there are two even more important reasons for this issue to be more fully engaged by your publication.

First, the 60-year-long secrecy surrounding this matter has hidden the fact that we are indeed part of universe teeming with intelligent life that is able to travel here.

The recently released French and Brazilian UFO files further demonstrate that other governments are willing to acknowledge that over 10% of all sighting reports cannot be explained.

More significantly, the fuel sources used to propel UFOs must be a clean, plentiful, and, yes, free energy source derived from the quantum vacuum of space. Extraterrestrial civilizations that have perfected this type of energy system are clearly visiting us.

We are faced with the knowledge that the energy sources used by these civilizations will ultimately be the relief the planet needs from the economic and environmental devastation of fossil fuels.

Victor Viggiani, director of media relations
Exopolitics Toronto, Mississauga, Ont

I try to sort out the "logical" flow here:

  1. over 10% of all sighting reports cannot be explained
  2. As they cannot be explained, the sightings are of extraterrestrial visitors
  3. As we are getting extraterrestrial visitors, the universe is teeming with life
  4. As they are visiting, they are using clean, plentiful. free energy
  5. The source of the energy is the quantum vacuum of space
  6. This energy source will solve earth's problems

One leap after another. No mights. No maybes. No perhaps. All expressed as certainties. We go from an inability to explain a small proportion of UFO sightings to an increasingly detailed discussion of how alien civilizations are able to visit us and the benfits they will bring.

Somehow, in a way I don't understand, the argument progresses from an honest "we don't know" to Expopolitics Toronto possesses a great deal of detailed information (perhaps sent to them from the aether) about how extraterrestrials get around. All out of nothing.

It reminds me so much of organized religion.[2] Aren't their claims about their gods parallel to this line of thinking? Out of absolutely nothing, they build an inverted pyramid of claims in ever increasing detail. And the apex of the pyramid rests on... nothing.


  1. I read this letter in the paper. After laughing uncontrollably for about five minutes, I thought "What a splendid hoax!" Then I looked up Exopolitics on the web. These people are real. Not just a Toronto operation, but worldwide. They believe this stuff. Now my laughter is tinged with dismay. But I am still laughing.
  2. Yes - in spite of appearences, the intended target of this Meditation is not Exopolitics, or UFO conspiracy theorists. But, my personal position on UFOs remains unchanged from Ask the Patriarch 6 published 29 April 2002. A UFO remains an unidentified flying object. I'll rethink my position if and when a confirmed positive identification is made.