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Meditation 611
Falwell Dead

I want you to have all the academic freedom you want as long as you wind up saying the bible account (of creation) is true and all others are not. Jerry Falwell

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The Reverend Jerry Falwell died this week.

It is said that if you cannot say something good about someone, don't say anything at all. Unlike many of his televangelist compatriots, Jerry Falwell seems to have been true to his wife, and while he did quite well financially out of his ministry, he avoided financial scandal. I wish I could say more nice things about the man, but he was an arrogant blustering scientifically-illiterate racist anti-semitic homophobe.

He spoke out early and often against the civil rights movement and the clergymen who supported it, claiming the church should not get involved in politics. He was to change his mind on the political involvement issue when it became in his interest to do so. He never withdrew his attacks on civil rights.

He spoke out against Jews, yet when he found groups of Israelis insane enough to want to tear down the Dome of the Rock to rebuild the temple, he became a supporter in the hope of bringing on Armageddon.

He endlessly preached against homosexuals in terms that can justly be called hate speech..

He founded the movement known as the Moral Majority. It was never a majority, and in view of the positions it espoused, the morality was questionable.

His habit of speaking before taking the time to think (ignoring Proverbs 17:28) regularly gave me subject matter.

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I'll miss him in a way.