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Discussion 1 to Meditation 602
Asking why?

by: Richard

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Once we are talking "true" humans and not humanoid apes, their brain capacity should be the same as ours. They may be uneducated, but had they been born in our time and raised here they wouldn't have been out of place. Magic and superstition (excluding deities) alone has no answer to the question "why are we here", which is a very fundamental question. Instead of asking why a component of existence is here (disease, forest fire, food, death, the sky, winter) you ask why the entirety is here. Not that big a leap...and a question which helps define one's self-image, place in existence etc.

And I think the answer "god(s) x did it all" is a very convenient way to explain this, at least from a primitive perspective. Why, I explained a bit as a reply to Meditation 596.

As for the development of language, without communication there can be no groups. Whether verbally, via chemicals or via gestures, you need communication or no groups can form. Even relatively "stupid" animals communicate if they're not solitary. When that became complicated enough to be called language is anybody's guess, but I think it must have been a gradual process that started many many millions of years back.

As for differentiating us from animals, we are animals. At least to those of us who accept the theory of evolution...

Of course, it's all speculation from me too...