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Meditation 591
Unbelievable Claims

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Sex scandals and Christian evangelists go hand-in-hand. Last November when the Reverend Ted Haggard was outed as a drug user and a customer of a male prostitute, I let it go unremarked. Why beat a dead horse.

Now, after a three week session of intensive therapy, Ted Haggard has been presented as cured of his homosexual urges.

I find many of the claims made by evangelists to be totally unbelievable. I consider this claim of a cure to be entirely unbelievable.

The Reverend Tim Ralph who was involved in the so-called cure claims Haggard is completely heterosexual, and that Haggard was only "acting out" when he availed himself of the services of a male prostitute. Given that when Haggard initially confessed he admitted that he had been fighting homosexual urges for decades, I consider these claims to be unbelievable.

Reverend Ralph has also said that as no other accusations of homosexual sex have come forward in three months, he believes that the instance which outed Haggard was the only occurrence. Given that it is rare for a sex-trade worker, particularly gay sex-trade workers, to out a client (it's bad for future business, not to mention the possibility of prosecution and persecution), I consider the claim that this should be considered a one-time event to be unbelievable.

All this "therapy" has done is to force a guilt-ridden man (who has the misfortune to preach a religion with an anti-homosexual agenda) firmly back into the closet.

Perhaps he will control his urges in future, perhaps not. But a cure? I don't believe it!

And I don't think they do either. Not Haggard. Not those who conducted the "therapy." I think they are all lying through their teeth to protect their unbelievable theology.