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Discussion 1 to Meditation 561
Browne and Science

by: David Roberts, Deacon

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By 1915 Heisenberg had not discovered his uncertainty principle nor the wave-particle duality which Einstein would late demonstrate by his experiments with electron excitation by light. That was to come later in 1927, knocking science on its collective keister.

In light of this and many, many other discoveries, much of what Browne had to say concerning science has been proven to be wrong. His contentions are true but now must be argued in a different light. The stage has moved on to another scene with a very different backdrop.

Einstein rejected some of the new discoveries even stating "God does not play dice with the universe!" but Heisenberg most likely would say "Shut up and roll!" (most likely in German)

My hat is off to Ross E. Browne for his astute analysis considering the Nineteenth Century scientific knowledge he used. His job would be a far sight easier knowing what we know now. He might have even ignored the problem of fatalistic philosophy considering Heisenberg's principle.