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"It takes a storm to prove the real shelter" "Sunday Service at 10:30 AMMeditation 515
Shelter from the Storm

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I suppose the intent of the message on this church sign is to indicate that membership in this particular church[1] will provide real shelter from a storm.

But could not the same sign be posted outside any church, synagogue, temple, or mosque?

What is the "real shelter?" How does a person know that he or she has chosen the real shelter before the storm hits? How do you ever know if a real shelter exists?

I'm not going to say that membership in a church does not have its benefits for some people. Fellowship with others of similar beliefs can certainly help a person through life's tribulations and crises. But the same benefits can be found from friends and family, membership in non-religious organizations, psychiatric counselling, or even, for some, from a psychic hot-line.

It seems to me the more common saying: "Any port in a storm" better reflects reality.

When a church makes a claim that "we are the real shelter," they are making a claim that cannot be proven.

It is the logical flaw in Pascal's Wager. Even if one church exists which is the correct choice among many, we have no logical way of making the correct choice from all the options.


  1. First Assembly of God, Medicine Hat