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Meditation 486
Celebrating the Human Body

by: Gordon Wayne

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Many people believe their sentient Creator created the human body and their Creator fashioned the human body to resemble its own countenance, like a self-portrait. Curiously, these same people also articulate some very negative attitudes toward the human body, piously heaping scorn, derision, and shame upon their own Creator’s greatest creation. Apparently, these people never take the time to consider how their own Creator might feel about mere mortals voicing negative comments about the human body.

After all, mortal artists rarely relish negative comments or critiques directed at their artistic achievements. Whenever we slander a sculpture, the sculptor feels the sting of our caustic words; when we mock a new play, the playwright feels the sting of our mockery; when we denigrate a musical score, the composer feels the pain of our disparaging comments. Even carpenters, furniture makers, basket weavers, and chefs prefer a little praise for their creations rather than negative comments. Whenever any human creates something, they are understandably proud of their accomplishments and rarely appreciate unflattering comments directed at their work, whether or not those comments are valid.

If mortal artists and artisans do not appreciate others ridiculing, denigrating, or insulting their creations, then the Creator probably abhors negative comments directed at its creations. Assuming the Creator created humankind in its own image, then the Creator probably endowed humans with characteristics similar to its own characteristics. Thus, if humans rarely appreciate others expressing negative comments about their personal achievements, then the Creator probably does not appreciate humans uttering negative comments about its greatest achievement. In other words, anybody who believes their Creator created the human body and fashioned the human body after its own countenance should never say anything negative about the human body.

Instead, anybody who believes the human body resembles the countenance of their Divinity should honor and celebrate the human body. If they honestly believe their Divinity created the human body, they should honor the artistry, the engineering, and the architecture of their spiritual figurehead. They should celebrate the artistic achievement of their spiritual figurehead because the human body is a greater artistic achievement than Michelangelo’s David, greater than da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Believers should venerate their Creator’s biological engineering because that engineering supercedes Rome’s aqueducts, Notre Dame, and the space station. They should respect the organic architecture of their creative being because it transcends Rome’s Coliseum, China’s great wall, Paris’ Eiffel tower, Sydney’s Opera House, and the space station.

We have plenty of reason to venerate the human body because it is a miracle of living artistry, a wonder of biological engineering, a marvel of organic architecture. Our bodies are living creations beyond the scope of modern genetic engineering, transcending the wizardry of computers, and superceding our soaring twentieth-century glass towers. Because of this, anybody who asserts they worship the creative force that created the human body should praise, honor, and celebrate the mortal form.

When people ridicule the human body, they ridicule whoever or whatever created our mortal shell; when they heap shame and guilt upon the human body, they also heap shame and guilt upon Nature; when they insult the human body, they also insult Evolution; when they slander the human body, they also slander the Creator.

Religious people really should marvel that their Creator could create their body and construct it molecule by molecule, cell by cell from the inside out. They should marvel that Evolution would engineer their bodies for self-assembly following a unique self-contained blueprint. Believers should marvel that Nature would design their bodies to begin as a single, solitary cell that assembles a second within its own walls and magically splits into two.