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Meditation 453
Suicide Bombers Prove The Amorality of Religion

by: Dan Shanefield

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The amazingly large number of suicide bombers in Iraq proves the essential amorality of religion. Their bomber's religious zeal is not moral or immoral --- it is strictly neutral regarding that. Of course, proponents of suicide attacks would claim this zeal is ultimately moral, aimed toward victory for the true followers of Mohammed. But just as many Muslims are on each side of the violent conflict, and there is no proof whatever as to which ones are the true believers. On the neutral side, huge numbers of women and children are being harmed, who couldn't be guilty of anything. Furthermore, the suicide strategy is not really working --- it has not led to victory over any "infidels" (either in Iraq or in Israel).

In view of all this, the religious drive involved in suicide bombing is really without any moral direction or rationality. It is as irreligious as the wind or tide. If a God is involved, any connection appears to be completely absent. Thinking rationally, if this continues, it might lead to a lot more people becoming agnostics.