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It's still a hoax

by: JT

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I'd forgotten this article until I encountered it again in my slow conversion of the older pages on the site. I decided it might be timely to see what happened to the supposed laboratory analysis of the "tears" After all, the priest promised, and, would a priest lie?

After an extensive web search, I can safely report that no laboratory report has ever been released giving an analysis of the so-called tears. In fact, the story pretty much disappeared by the end of 2005 after the diocese announced that it would not investigate.

The only recent reference is on an Unsolved Mysteries web site where the astonishing statement is made that "No matter if you believe or not, one cannot mistake the tears of blood rolling down the Virgin Mary's face." And they are using the same image I used to illustrate the original article - to my eyes, the streaks look nothing like real tears, bloody or otherwise (both streaks are coming from the wrong place to start with, and the flow lines are unnatural.) But, the fact that the author of the article made such an claim illustrates why believers are so easily taken in by this nonsense.

But back to the Diocese of Sacramento choosing not to investigate this apparent "miracle." Why would they make such a decision? Because they already know with a high degree of certainty what the outcome will be.

To formally investigate and tell the truth about the results would lead to scandal. A minor scandal, perhaps, but scandal nonetheless. Roman Catholic canon law requires that scandal be avoided.

According to Marco Ventura, professor of religious law at the University of Siena, "The principal of scandal is very important in canon law. Preventing scandals from taking place is crucial from all points of view. The bishop is in charge of determining how to fight against scandals which could affect the good image of the church."

And covering up has long been the primary weapon of the Roman Catholic Church in fighting scandal.

As the reports of this particular crying Virgin Mary have ceased, it is quite reasonable to assume that the parish priest was called in to the bishop's office, told not to do it again, allowed to kiss the bishop's ring, and sent back to his duties. Just the same as the Roman Catholic Church has historically handled other types of scandal.

The same as all other reports of bleeding Virgin Marys, this one remains as originally identified - a hoax.


For another take on bleeding Virgin Marys, see the Bloody Mary South Park episode.