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We are god's pinata.

by syrinxfox

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Now, I'm not as familiar with the bible as some of the others around here, but can someone inform me of anything god has done that shows us he "loves" us?

Jesus doesn't count because the only thing he "proves" out of that is that god loved his "son". Also him "saying" he loves us doesn't count either, because actions speak louder than words... All I've ever read about is god being a selfish, immature bastard and taking it out on everyone.

It seems to me that god does not even like us at all, if there is a god. We are god's pinata.

Why can't people see this enough to question the existence of this "supreme being" who loves us so much? Or examine the possibility that the bible may have just been written by men in power to obtain more power and shut people up?

No book has ever been the end-all-be-all of the universe. Why should the bible be any different?