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Meditation 361
My creed

By Eduardo Carrión Letort

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I believe that the desire to know is deeply rooted in our very human essence, probably in our genes.

I believe that doubt is an unavoidable constituent of a non-fanatic personality.

I believe that the scientific endeavor is the best way to fulfill the human desire to know. I admit this even in the face of such issues as excessive scientific pride, cruel rivalry, lies or other human miseries.

I adhere to the principles of the scientific method, such as the need for objective proofs, independent validation of testable theories, disrespect for absolute truths declared so because they come from authorities, or emanating from inner revelations, etc.

I recognize and accept that scientific findings will impose on us the need to abandon cherished believes, and even challenge things we consider logical or belonging to the realm of common sense. I accept the right of nature to manifest itself as it is, not as I assume how it should be.

I accept that there may be things outside the reach of our science, that there may be questions we will never answer. Even though, I think we must seek answers anyway.

If what we know or even what we can know is not enough to make sense of the universe, our destiny, the past and the future, the big how and the even bigger why, so be it. No fear, no desire of transcendence will force me to invent answers.

Finally I sincerely think that outside science everything is confusion and obscurity. I am far away from a state of grace, and cannot find anything to do about it.