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Discussion 3 to Meditation 321
Within the Total Context of Belief

by Anthony DeLucchi

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Pain and suffering, good for you?

Quite a poser.

At the risk of sounding like a limp apologist for Catholicism, one must take this all within the TOTAL context of belief. If one believes in God ABSOLUTELY then this which you endure on earth or within your mortality is mirrored in your "reward"; if through deprivation you can still praise God, then so will you be measured. Okay I am ducking from the jibes and scoffs thrown by the detractors. Look at the world, I live in Africa, I see and smell Africa, I see deprivation, not poverty. The papal message must be seen in a Global context. I cannot even attempt to sketch how we live here, yes it is easier to believe in God when there is no other option, when there is no hope, when there is no money, no distractions such as the bright lights the casual acquaintances, the surety of the dollar, the might of the "empire", the ability to stroll into a drugstore and purchase a headache pill or a dream. So okay I live a bit better than that but this is all relative I have no guarantees, I cannot promise my kids a future, I am just a pay cheque away from disaster, we are so indebted to the industrial nations. Can we deny God? No we cannot, we dare not because this is the only salvation we have, our only promise. The West, of which most of you atheists are, owe us nothing, we owe you our existence. So be apathetic to your experience of God, but do not deny us the right to believe in God, because after all God is all we have left!