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Meditation 300
The Reality Pyramid and the House-of-Cards

by Thomas

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It has been said the “one book” against all; argues from silence; this is true. It has been said the burden of proof(!) is upon those who make the claim; this is true. But the book speaks for itself; those who make claims are speaking for no one; but to themselves; no one can speak for the “one book” against the all; and silence can never speak the truth; and never offer proof(!).

Which leads my mind in tangent unto this metaphor for an idea. . .

The Reality Pyramid and the House-of-Cards

There is a theory-knowledge pyramid; a book pyramid; 10 times the size of one of the great wonders of the world; the pyramids at Giza . It is a metaphor for truth; and fact; and science; and reality; this knowledge-base is a pyramid; a holy house open to all; for all; big enough for all; and it is made of stone; and mortar; and each knew fact is foundation and mortar for the next layer; and it is akin to a living mountain growing every day; piece by piece; stone by stone; fact by fact.  And what does the “one book” an its advocates have to compare to this great pyramid; this mighty mountain? A house-of-cards on a coffee table; one book; against all books; and more yet; they claim it is so much more; so much more! They claim it is a levitating house-of-cards; this book; this proof of a super-nature; proof! But I have examined this house-of-cards and I cannot detect any levitation; this super-nature appears to be exactly that; superior; as in beyond; and undetectable is this super-nature. Now they are smiling, so I must ask why cannot I detect this super-nature? Why cannot I detect any levitation in and of this house-of-cards?

            And the ancients drum their droning tones; and their ideas drum forth; from the past and from their mouth(s); and thus they speak, “Faith and Belief.” For this is “Faith,” to “Believe” that the house-of-cards is - levitating! Verily, they say that, my problem is that I simply do not have “Faith”; faith that the house-of-cards doeth levitate. Look they say it does not touch the table. So I look; but it does touch the table, say I.  . . . So, they say, look again, look with “Faithful eyes,” and you will see that it does truly levitate!  . . . I am sorry, but I do not see such things, I see not proof(!) of levitation; nor do I feel the excitement over and of this idea, as they do. . . . But I will tell you what I see: I see a seam where the table meets this house-of-cards; this book; this proof(!) of super-nature.  . . . I say, now you look with “unfaithful” eyes; look you; upon this with your minds-eye (freed) and you will see an infinite-like regression upon the seam; that yields a finite-like separation; where by an electromagnetic force; the matter of the card repeals, and is repealed, from the matter of the table. . . . But this is not super-nature; this is - nature!

If only I had “Faith,” if only I could “Believe,” they claim: That one can move a mountain with “Faith” and “Belief” in this levitating house-of-cards. Then I would know super-nature; and I would be better for it. . . . Presumption of value is a self-beguiled orator innocently speaking from Satan’s pulpit.

  Discounting all presumptions, I do know this: I cannot move the theory-knowledge pyramid; for it is far too heavy; and its weight is multiplied by nature; by reality; and it’s getting heavier as we speak. . . . But on the other hand “Thumper,” watch me move a house-of-cards. This card here will pull the whole of it down. There I have not moved a mountain, but I have tumbled a house-of-cards. . . . Now move the mountain; nature; reality; the pyramid; with this “Faith” in a tumbled house-of-cards.  . . . I detect no movement; no super-nature; the mountain has not moved. But I do detect imagination in this house-of-cards; imagination there is - in this idea of super-nature. An imagined reality is this super-nature; and within this imagined place; this space; this void; all things are possible - I have been there many times; and I like it; and I will return. But I live here and I dream there. I do not dream here and live there.

Now “Thumper” and the “Apologist” friends have returned with anomalous explanation cards; and revisions to “The Word” cards; to prop the one book up. The one book against the all; to re-build this house-of-cards; and imagine on; and upon; its proof(!) of super-nature; and its miracle of unseen levitation. . . . And ad tedium ad infinitum anyone and I - will come with our errant hand; and pull an inerrant card out, an original card out; a revised card out; an anomaly explanation card out; and watch the rebuilt; rebuilt; rebuilt; revised house-of-cards fall; over and over and over again and again and again - ad tedium ad infinitum. . . . Ad tedium ad infinitum. . . . And yet the mountain; the pyramid remains unmoved.  . . . And every day it grows, and grows, until one day - someone else will say . . . there is theory-knowledge world; a book world; 10 times the size of the earth . . . move it.